Create your own MineCape

The cape creation is similar to the skin creation.
All you need is a .png image with one of the following formats:

Standard: 22x17
HD: 44x34, 88x68, 176x136  (width x height)


Templates for creating a cape:


This preview shows you which pixel you exactly need to edit:

  • the yellow area the back of your cape - when looking with F5 at your character
  • the red area is therefore the inner side of your cape
  • green is the right and blue the left side of your cape
  • grey is the upper side of your cape and black is the bottom
  • all pixel that are white can be neglected

To simplify your starting, we prepared some templates for download above.
Just download it and edit the colored areas just as you like.
The easiest way to edit the template is to use Paint or another simpel image editing software.
Zoom towards the intended area and start designing.

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