About MineCapes


Imagine a minecraft world where everyone is free to change their skin on their own. What? You say that's already possible? NOPE... its not.
There's still one thing you can't really change (or even add): your cape!

For sure there are already some people out there providing you with a client mod to change that. Unfortunately so far all of them lack at least one thing.
Either the mod itself is poorly written and as such incompatible with most of your other mods, or the way you create your cape is way too insecure and enables strangers to take over your nickname or finally - and most important - they don't provide you an open and easy way to change your cape on your own ;-)

So let's go and change all that - with MineCapes!

MineCapes is both - a client mod which enables your Minecraft client to discover and display capes AND a directory where you can easily upload capes on your own.

So for sure, the more people use it, the more capes of other people you will finally see!
Feel free to spread the word ;-)

Key Features:

  • New: Optional support for HD capes
  • You will see any MineCapes users' cape on every server you're connected
  • Manage your own cape by just uploading it directly (or selecting a predefined one - still in the works)
  • Verify the upload easily by joining our MC server and writing a little command
  • MineCapes checks other cape databases too (like Optifine's donators or even Mojangs own directory)
  • MineCapes uses the Modloader API to be 100% compatibile to other mods

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